Our Story

One conversation with Owner/President Joe Brescia is all you need to realize that Sunrise Specialty Foods is more than a leading purveyor of fine quality meats throughout the Pittsburgh area.

Specialty meats, poultry, and seafood are our passion, and it shows. From our vast food knowledge to our specialized freezer delivery vehicles, we love nothing more than bringing our clients the finest cuts from all over the world and providing expert advice on preparation.

Joe B. Sunrise Specialty Foods Proprietor

Joe Knows

With over 28 years in the food industry and 17 years in the restaurant business, Joe has made epicurean dining his life’s work. That’s why his clients trust his word on the highest quality sources, the finest cuts, and the best recipes.

With Joe’s incredible expertise and the unsurpassed quality of Sunrise Foods delivered directly to your door, you can experience the kind of flavorful, succulent dishes typically only found at four-star restaurants — all for a fraction of the cost.

Our Menu

From USDA Organic grass-fed/grass-finished beef to wild-caught, frozen-at-sea fish and seafood, we make it our mission to ensure that every Sunrise Foods offering is of the finest quality, vacuum-packed, and flash-frozen at the peak of freshness — with no antibiotics, chemicals, dyes, or artificial preservatives.

• Kobe beef
• American Wagyu beef
• Heritage Berkshire pork
• Free-range organic chicken
• Wild-caught seafood
• Prepared items and appetizers

Want to know the truth about flash-frozen meats? Read about it here.

Pittsburgh organic meat delivery

Silver Platter

Over the years, our clients have come to love more than just our superior selection and indispensable advice. They also love the Sunrise Foods delivery service itself!

Just looking for one or two meals? With no minimums, there’s no need to buy in bulk. Purchase only what you need! And you won’t find any subscription plans with Sunrise Foods. Order as little or as much as you like, whenever you like. Looking for a special item or cut you don’t see on our menu? Reach out to us and chances are we can get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Your Turn

The best thing about having a passion is having the ability to share it. Joe Brescia has spent decades providing clients throughout the Pittsburgh area with the high-end meats that make dining at home more than just a meal, but an experience.

With every order, every delivery, and every question seeking his advice, Pittsburgh shares that passion with him.

Now it’s your turn.